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Be responsible for your own Security – Supt. Cephas Arthur

The Director of Public Affairs of the Ghana Police Service, DSP Cephas Arthur has indicated that every Ghanaian must be responsible for their security.

According to him every security breech starts from an individual.

“Security starts with a person, every security breech starts with the person. Everyone must watch their ways and ensure they have adequate security especially considering the work they do and their position in society”

Superintendent Cephas Arthur further reiterated that whoever one employs to work at his or her home or office, be it a garden boy or security man, the background of the person must be checked from the police to ensure the person has no criminal records.

He also tasked Ghanaians to foster good relationship with the neighbours, so as to ensure adequate protection for themselves.

“Aside your neighbours, you should have a relationship with your local police and also know your local patrol team. Do you have the numbers of any of the police emergency numbers?” He asked.

Commenting on whether the police should provide security for all 275 Members of parliament, Superintendent Cephas Arthur said that matter should be a subject of public debate and whatever the public decides to do, the police will adhere to him.

Currently, there are a little over 30,000 police personnel to cater for the lives and properties of the over 26 million Ghanaians living in the country.

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