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Father Campbell: Be Disciplined In Your Actions

The Knights of St John’s International of Christ the King Parish has climaxed its fifth anniversary in Accra, with a call on the public to be disciplined in their endeavours.

“Some people are so indiscipined that their actions tend to put the entire country at risk. Public office holders are taking state resources away at the expense of the masses. Some of the numerous accidents on our roads that have claimed many lives could have been prevented if drivers and passengers alike had been a bit disciplined on the road,” he said.

Mission schools

Rev. Fr. Campbell said the way forward to building a strong foundation of discipline for children was for the mission schools system to be encouraged.

He said faith-based organisations had discipline as their underpinning virtues and that if the mission schools system was encouraged, such virtues would be instilled in the children.

Time management

He further observed that it was important for members of the public to make judicious use of their time, saying that the waste of contact hours by public office holders affected the national output.

He urged the public to stay away from wasteful living, since it deprived individuals and the state of the resources needed for development.

Touching on the issue of morality, he urged married couples to be disciplined in their marriages by staying away from extra-marital affairs, since they could create problems for the family.

“Parents ought to be disciplined, so that their children can learn from their good example. When parents fail to instil discipline in their children, they will grow to be a burden on society and a threat to the country,” he said.

Support the needy

A trustee and convener of the fifth anniversary planning committee of the society, Bro. Dr Robert Adjaye, called on the public to support the poor and marginalised in society.

He urged members of the society to exhibit the good virtues of Jesus Christ — love and care for the less privileged in society.

Bro. Dr Adjaye further called on Christians to live at peace with other people in society in the interest of national integration.


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