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Fifi Kwetey: NDC Far More Credible Than NPP

Unlike the New Patriotic Party (NPP) that makes promises and abysmally fails to deliver, the National  Democratic Congress (NDC) has established a proven track record of working hard  to deliver on its promises,Mr Fifi Kwetey, the Minister of Transport, has declared.

He explained that the difference between the two parties, therefore, was that the NDC was more credible and it was the first to acknowledge where it had to do better.

However,  he stated that ‘’the NPP makes grandiose promises and fails woefully to deliver, while the NDC quietly goes about its work and delivers far more on all levels’’.


Mr Kwetey said even though the NDC was not perfect, it endeavoured  as much as possible to be consistent.

However, he said the NPP had a proven history of hypocrisy dating as far back as before independence.

He said the NPP was being led by a candidate and running mate who had a history of persistent lies and distortions and would say anything for power.

Mr Kwetey said the NDC,however, was being led by President  Mahama,’’ a candidate who makes every effort to tell the people the real truth concerning the economy and the country and continues to follow the illustrious examples of the quiet but high achieving former leaders such as Kwame Nkrumah, Jerry John Rawlings and  Atta Mills’’.

Bottom line

He stressed that the bottom line was that Ghana could not trust  Nana Akufo-Addo and the NPP because of their woeful track record and discredited performance  and promises.

The Transport Minister said, however, that Ghana could trust  President Mahama  and the NDC  because of a proven  track record of tangible achievements and the capacity to navigate the country through turbulent storms.

He said it was President Mahama who initiated the transformation across many sectors.

Mr Kwetey said even the world was ‘’unanimous that  under the leadership of President Mahama, Ghana  was entering  into a period  of accelerated economic growth, development  and job opportunities  from 2017.


Mr Kwetey said the list of the NPP’s incompetence  was very tall and a clear example was how their monumental incompetence led them to use precious parts of the 750 million dollar Eurobond money on unimportant programmes and policies.

He said for example that the NPP used 107.2 million dollars of the Eurobond  for the payment of pensions  and salaries in July 2008.

Mr Kwetey stressed that no serious government would borrow commercial loans to pay salaries and pensions.


Source: radioxyzonline.com

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