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Fmr UDS Chancellor : Brouhaha Over Idea Stealing Childish

A former Pro-Vice Chancellor of the University for Development Studies Professor David Millar has described as childish the brouhaha over the originality of policies in the build up to the forthcoming elections.

Speaking on Tuesday at the sidelines of a stakeholders’ forum to get inputs for a SADA master plan, Mr. Millar said the ensuing debacle is inimical to the implementation of policies for the benefit of the populace.

He said for the country to develop, there is the need for some continuity in the growth of the country from political leaders.

“You won’t see somebody [Political leader] saying this idea you have is good. Let’s maintain it,” he lamented.

“This discourse is that you stole this from me, don’t look at my notes, this is kindergarten. That is how we went to school. You tell your classmates don’t copy me. Now, for people to come out with manifestoes, this one is waiting for that one and all of a sudden Oh! You stole my idea,” he added.

Prof. Millar thus urged political parties to desist from that discourse arguing that countries develop from stealing ideas.

“SO let’s this bickering stop…it is too childish to find leaders say that this is my mine don’t take it,” he said.

He called for a nationalistic attitude towards development saying the quarrel over I brought this is not helpful.

Recently, the two major political parties have had to accuse themselves of manifesto thievery. The New Patriotic Party (NPP) for instance argues that it has held up its manifesto launch because the governing National Democratic will copy its ideas.

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