Over 200 illegal miners in Konongo, in the Asante Akim Central Municipality, in the Ashanti Region have invaded the Owere Mines’ Concession, posing a threat, to lives of mine workers and property of the Company.

The menace comes, at a time, when Owere Mine Managers, have secured a 20 million dollar facility, to help change the fortunes of The Mines. The Managers of The Mine have suspended operations, as a result of the raid. The galamsey operators, wielding machetes and other offensive weapons, allocated lands to themselves, inside The Mine immediately they entered Fiajogbeh, located in The Southern part of the mine.

Not even the presence of the Mine Security Personnel could deter them from carrying out their mission.  Management of the mines are not happy about the incidence. Reports indicate that the galamsey operators attack the security me in the owere mines concessions to enable them have access to the place.

Manager of the Owere Mines, Charlse Nti, in an interview with XYZ News stated that there are some powerful personalities backing the galamsey operators hence the inability of the police to take immediate actions to resolve the issues. “There are chiefs involves, we have other people unnamed involved, they come with letters, some authorities have some the letters for them to come and work there.

They come in the name of top government officers, parties, chiefs and so on and so on. If we have people in authority whose offices are used for this, it makes it very difficult to fight it.” He said.  According to him, there are people behind the activities of the galamsey operators since they sometimes come to attack them with national security.

source: radioxyzonlinecom

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