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Ghacem Reacts To Cement Price War Story

We are compelled to reluctantly offer some education to the unsuspecting readers of the above write-up which was unfortunately published as a front page story on the Daily Graphic of Tuesday October 4, 2016 with extensions on pages 3 and 20. We wish to state nevertheless that Ghacem is not against any such needed education of the current trend of pricing in the cement market, except to say the inconsistencies in the story published leaves much to be desired.

New Marketing strategy 

In the midst of the current over-crowded competition, Ghacem the Nation builder has led the way and continues to research and innovate with professionalism. On July 8, 2016 a new addition to the family of product ranges was out-doored. This long awaited introduction of the superior Ghacem SUPER STRONG cement was received with delight by our target customers who are predominantly block makers as well as our cherished distributors and retailers. The processes we had to go through were firstly to:

• Institute a marketing research by a professional ad agency called Origin 8 which led to a series of factory trials.

• We then did our field user test of the new product with selected block makers led by a team of consultants including senior cement application gurus in the industry.

• The Ghana standards authority were in our factories to observe the plant runs

• They took samples of the product to their labs for testing

• Based on the successful results obtained in relation to the product class CEM II /B-L PLC 42.5R

• The GSA then duly issued Ghacem with the license to produce

The above is verifiable information and can be proven any time Ghacem is required to substantiate with documents. Now juxtapose that with a certain unnamed source from Ghacem which is supposed to have corroborated the fallacy of the story carried by Musah Yahaya Jafaru of the Daily graphic. This disingenuous journalism should be discouraged and abhorred. Ghacem wishes to correct the factual inaccuracies in the sad PR attempt by the writer of the daily graphic story of October 4, 2016. Ghacem further assures all well-meaning journalists who wish to inform the public on the true market development situation of the cement industry to call Ghacem on toll free 0800-555555 or 0201-000 730.

— Nana Philip Archer Commercial Director, Ghacem.


Source: radioxyzonline.com/ with files from graphic

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