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Ghana beefs up security at its borders – Burkina Faso terror attacks

The government of Ghana says it has tightened security in the country, particularly at its borders, following terror attacks on its neighbour, Burkina Faso.

Minister for the Interior, Mark Woyongo, says the country’s security agencies have beefed up security at shopping malls, mosques, churches, and other public places.

Tight security measures have also been taken at Ghana’s borders especially those in the Northern part of the county.

Last Friday, at least 25 people were killed when al-Qaeda’s affiliates in West Africa launched a bloody assault on a hotel and a café in Ouagadougou, the capital of Burkina Faso. The Interior Minister said the incident “came as a shock” and “it means we are all vulnerable”.

Asked what measures Ghana is taking following the attacks, he said the Police were deployed to certain places particularly malls, hotels and public places to safe guard citizens.

According to him, the Police have intensified intelligence units and “We are also going to strengthen security in the Northern part” of Ghana and our borders.

But Upper East Region correspondent reports nothing much has changed in terms of security at the Ghana Burkina Faso border.

He said there has not been increase in personnel at the border and there is little activity there as well.

He however spotted a military patrol vehicle around the border at some point.

The Upper East Immigration office is however yet to officially comment about the security arrangement put in place.

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