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Ghana is “naked” Says Professor Emmanuel Martey

The Moderator of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana, Professor Emmanuel Martey has said Ghana needs a rescue from people he described as nation wreckers.

According to him the nation is naked and exposed to many rots.

Addressing the opening of Ministers’ Conference of his church, the outspoken Presby boss who is known for his regular attacks on ills in society, urged religious leaders and the media to assist in putting the nation on the right track to growth.

“It is only in a corrupt society that the truth becomes controversial. Let us speak the truth and when we expose falsity, only then that our country will achieve progress.

“At the moment Ghana is naked. There are certain individuals who have taken the cloth of glory of the country, so we are naked and we need our cloth back,” he said.

Reverend Martey also advised the media to be accurate and truthful in their reportage since they play a critical role in nation building.

“…You also go and give out the right reportage, the truth. This is all we want from our media houses, report nothing but the truth”.

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