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Ghana, Mali Collaborate On Petroleum Downstream

The National Petroleum Authority (NPA) and its counterpart in Mali, the National Office of Oil Products (ONAP), are collaborating to improve efficiency in the petroleum downstream in both countries.

The partnership between the two entities will, among other things, increase the exportation of petroleum products from Ghana to Mali from the current three per cent to about 30 per cent.

Ghana and Mali would also share experiences of mutual benefit in the petroleum downstream industry.


Mr Asaga stated that the activity of dumping, undertaken by companies licensed by the NPA as petroleum export companies, denied the economy of the needed revenue since those export products were not taxed – and were sold on the ‘black market’ cheaper than the prescribed petroleum pricing formula.

He said the NPA was, therefore, working with relevant agencies to stem the trend and expressed delight at ONAP’s commitment to help in the fight against illegal activities of petroleum export companies.

“The authority will continue to enforce regulations which mandates all Bulk Road Vehicles (BRVs) to install electronic tracking device on their vehicles.  All BRVs without such tracking devices will not be permitted to travel beyond their local restricted areas,” he indicated.


For his part, Mr Dansoko said ONAP was looking forward to strenghtening its relationship with the NPA and indicated that his office would send down another delegation to be on attachment with the NPA. In return, he said the ONAP would also receive a team from the NPA in Mali to facilitate knowledge transfer between the two institutions.

Other members of the delegation from the ONAP included the Inspector for Economic Services and the Chief of Petroleum Marketing Division, Zoumana Diakete and Chief of Administration and Statistical Division, Nodibo Gouro Diall.


Source: radioxyzonline.com

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