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Ghana Police Service Urges Film Producers And Directors To Desist From Using Unauthorized Police Accoutrements

Film makers and directors have been urged to desist from abusing Police accoutrements when shooting their films, without any authorization from the police service. According to The Director Of Public Affairs, Of The Ghana Police Service, Superintendent Cephas Arthur, some movie actors use the police uniforms to commit certain criminal offences making the police look bad, in the eyes of the general public.

Speaking on The Arts In View program, Superintendent Cephas Arthur says, although there is no law ensuring this “there is a sanctions or a ban on the use of police accoutrements by film producers in shooting films.”  According to him the abuse of the privilege granted movie producers and directors caused the service to take such a decision. “The abuse of accoutrements, the abuse of facilities in time past triggered the ban. Sometimes they use the accoutrements without the permission of the police administration.” He continued to say that “it led to a very negative portrayal of the police service and it affects the integrity of the service.”

Speaking to Daavi Esi on The Arts In View on Radio XYZ, Superintendent Cephas Arthur, advised The Film Producers’ Association of Ghana, to do the right thing, by meeting the right authorities, of the Service for Police Accoutrements. He said “I have spoken to a few producers and directors to come together and come and meet The Police Administration to see how best that issue can be ironed out because I see that it is crucial that some Film Producers must use police uniforms.” He said this, admitting that some Producers’ portray a positive image of the service which is right.

The Superintendent advised that if one is found in possession of Police Uniforms when they are not supposed to have them in their possession, a crime has been committed under the laws of the land and culprits will be dealt with accordingly. “We can look for you and get you, because we watch the films and music videos, and when we come and arrest you, you will definitely tell us who handed you those police uniforms” he said.

Kumawood movies according Superintendent Cephas Arthur are big culprits of this crime which rubbed off on the English speaking movies as well. Citing an example he said “Something like inspector Lilwin, and you jump on the back of a woman and you fall wallowing in the sand and laughing with police uniform?” He also disagreed with statements by Socrate Sarfo that police should know that there tragedy, comedy and a light side to life. He urged the Producers and Directors to do the right thing, so they can come to a consensus.


Source: radioxyzonline.com/Daavi Esi

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