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Ghana, Russia To Work Towards Agreement

Ghana and Russia have expressed interest in expanding bilateral cooperation between them in various fields. Consequently, the two countries have decided to speed up the process of concluding a project development agreement that would ultimately result in the construction of a nuclear power plant and a centre for nuclear science and technology in Ghana.

He said other areas Ghana and Russia had also resolved to revitalise and strengthen cooperation included aviation, construction of infrastructure, energy, geological exploration and mineral resources and health care.

“The two sides confirmed mutual interest in the expansion of cooperation in education and science. Russia has indicated its willingness to create favourable conditions for the study of the Russian Language in Ghana, using modern telecommunications technologies,” he added.

Diplomatic and bilateral ties between Ghana and Russia date as far back as when Ghana gained independence, Russia providing technical support towards some of the country’s industrialisation projects.

Mr Bombande underscored the need for the two countries to sign an investment promotion and protection agreement (IPPA), as well as an agreement on the avoidance of double taxation.

Ghana-Russia relations
With Ghana struggling to meet its energy demands, the Deputy Foreign Minister acknowledged the significance of nuclear energy to Ghana’s development.

As part of the discussions, Ghana and Russia deemed it prudent to increase support to the chambers of commerce and industry of their respective countries to facilitate information exchanges and dissemination, organisation of business missions and participate in trade fairs, as well as exhibitions in each other’s country.

The Russian Delegation
The leader of the Russian delegation, Mr Evgeny Kiselev, expressed his gratitude to the delegation from both countries for the hard work they had expanded in coming up with a joint cooperation arrangement.

“We are going to face a period of very intense work where we are supposed to realise specific arrangements reached in recent days”, he added.
He urged the two countries to ensure that the protocols derived from the joint commission meeting were realised.


Source: radioxyzonline.com

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