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GIBA charges Media Owners to pay Journalists well, to avert political infiltration

Journalists have been tasked to help reduce the tensions that characterized every election year in the country. At a Media Dialogue Session, on “Driving The Discourse – Issue Based Deliberations For Election 2016”, to solicit views from journalists on how to maintain the agenda setting roles, the Ghana Independent Broadcasters Association, GIBA, called on journalists not to allow politicians influence them.

The Managing Consultant of Radio XYZ, Mr. Godwin Avenorgbo, called on Media owners to resource their staff well to prevent them from being influenced by politicians.
According to Mr. Avenorgbo, most journalists are not objective because they are influenced by financial gains from outside factors. This he said affect the gatekeeper’s role of the media.

Addressing participants, on “Maintaining the Integrity of the News Desk in Elections” the Ace Broadcaster, charged journalists not to be aligned to any political party and be a disinterested party in news reportage.

He was of the view that “Media owners must resource their staff. When they are denied their wages, they turn up to take advantage of opportunities to tell people story because of how much they can influence them. Majority of media now is private. And therefore there is a certain drive towards profit.

So the association, the unions, the grouping must bring pressure on media owners to do the right thing….so exploitation at that level is dangerous.” He said “reporters are not genuinely objective because they are influenced by financials gains.”

A lecturer at the University of Ghana, Godwin Etse Sinanku, indicated that the Media contributes to a workable and effective democracy in the nation. He noted that the media bridge the gap between the politicians and the electorates.

He explained that the populace make informed decisions based on what the media inform them with. “The media contribute to workable and effective democracy. Election is just not an event where we go and cover candidates. It is about really the future of this country.

A lot of people will never get the chance to meet the politicians. A lot of people will never get the chance to attend campaign rally. They are going to depend on the media to report that kind of information to make up their mind on which candidate to vote for.”

A member of the National Media Commission, Dr. Doris Yaa Dartey, called for more women participation in programmes that are carried on the airwaves. She said, more women are backing out of political positions in the country.
“It is important to remember that it shouldn’t just remain a man’s world within our political space. We as media practitioners, we should become alert of the fact that men are so much in the media space, so much to the point that women have stepped back. Let us find ways to bring as more gender issues to as many as the issues we discuss.” She said.

The President of the Ghana Independent Broadcasters Association, said, the Media Dialogue Session, is to help decrease the tension that characterized elections in the country.

He charged journalist not to allow politicians to use their platforms to heighten tension or activities that will affect the peace of the country. Journalists from various media houses participated in the programme.

Source:radioxyzonline.com/Patricia Norvisi Gbologah

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