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Governement Urged To Put Proper Planning Systems In Place

The Deputy Managing Director of Activa International Insurance Company, Mr Solomon Lartey, has stressed the need for what he described as proper National Identification systems, Street Naming and Home Numbers to enhance planning purposes in Africa.

“Systematic procedures and orderliness, for example, National Identification Systems, Street Names and Home Numbers are critical for planning purposes. Access to and provision of products and services require knowing who, why and where your customers can be found,” he said.

Mr Lartey added that “Providers of goods and services need to know how many people there are at a place and where each one is. Customers also need to know what products are available and for which benefit. These would thrive in an environment where good legal and regulatory frameworks exist.”

He explained that in a modern globalised business space “the rule of thumb is to see and be seen. Nubianbiz.com intends to make this a reality not only for Ghanaian businesses and consumers but also for all of Africa and beyond through ICT.”

Speaking under the theme: Africa’s Quest for Development – The Way Forward, the Chief Executive Officer of NubianBiz.com, Mr Jules Nartey-Tokoli said, the online company was strategically formed to serve as business opportunity hub for people in Ghana and the whole of Africa in areas of trading, management and entrepreneurship.


Source: radioxyzonline.com

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