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Government Doesn’t Support The Fashion Industry

Popular fashion designer, Rawlene Pokua Kpove, known in the fashion industry as POKSWEAR is calling on the government to support the fashion industry in Ghana.

According to her, the lack of materials and equipment to do their job and the inability of government to support the industry is having a negative impact on their businesses.

“You know, with our industry, acquiring materials and equipments for our businesses is very expensive, and we don’t have the government support as we want. Government support on a scale of 1 to 10 is 3, so we have a big challenge”. She said.

Speaking to Daavi Esi, Pokswear who has designed for top celebrities in Ghana such as Nana Aka McBrown called on the various Political Parties in the Country to include them in their manifestoes.
Source: radioxyzonline.com/Daavi Esi


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