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Group to Attivor: ‘You’ll be jailed for your fraud’

A group called the Young Patriotic Crusaders (YPC) has said former Minister of Transport, Dzifor Attivor, will go to jail under a New Patriotic Party (NPP) government not because she comes from the Volta region, but because of her alleged “fraudulent acts”.
The group’s observation was in response to an earlier statement made by Mrs Attivor that she will be jailed because of her Ewe roots if the NPP won the 2016 November polls.

At a recent NDC rally in the Volta Region, the party’s stronghold, Mrs Attivor, who resigned a couple of months ago in connection with an overpriced bus branding scandal, told party members to ensure the NPP does not return to power, otherwise an Akufo-Addo government will embark on a jailing spree of Ewes just as former President John Kufuor did during his tenure, citing the imprisonment of former government officials Victor Selormey and Dan Abodakpi to buttress her point.

The YPC, in a statement signed by its secretary, Isaac Essuman, accused the government of fraudulent activities in which Mrs Attivor was involved.

“[We are] convinced that there are a lot of fraudulent activities going on under the Mahama-led National Democratic Congress(NDC) in which she is involved, since she has declared herself a prisoner already if the New Patriotic Party(NPP), led by Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, wins the upcoming general elections, because I believe nobody will make such a comment, even in her own party, the NDC, when he or she knows that he is not guilty of the corrupt activities going on in the NDC under the administration of H.E John Mahama,” the group said.

“Mrs Dzifa Attivor gave examples of Ewes like Victor Serlomey and Daniel Abodakpi, who went to jail during the NPP regime. Yes, they were jailed, but not because of their tribe, but were prosecuted and found guilty.

“Mr Kwame Peprah, Dr Sipa Yankey, Mallam Issah were also jailed under the NPP regime. So, now the question is, ‘Are they also Voltarians?’”

According to YPC, Ghana has never had a “bunch of crooks morphing as a government to loot our nation’s coffers as we’ve got now”.

“Never in our history. You deliberately loot our monies and fear to be jailed? If she thinks, indeed, she has committed fraudulent transactions, then, no two ways about that. Nsawam awaits her soon, for the law must work,” the statement added.

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