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Guantanamo detainees pose no threat – Bureau of Public Safety

The Bureau of Public Safety has downplayed fears that Ghana could be attracting enemies for itself by accepting and housing two Guantanamo bay detainees. According to its Executive Secretary Nana Yaw Akwada, said the presence of the detainees, will not pose any threat to national security. Delving deeper, he said government could have done a wider consultations with stakeholders before flying the detainees into the shores of the country.

He assured that government will critically mount surveillance on these detainees.

Nana Yaw Akwada, again, reckoned that, government’s failure to consult stakeholders on the matter has brought about jittery and wide speculations within the public domain.

He disclosed to XYZ News, that security experts are divided on the matter in offering an independent and incisive opinion.

This according to him is as a result of flaws the Foreign Affairs Ministry and government did not consider prior to its action and decision.

BY: Ibrahim Obeng-Mensah/radionxyzonline.com

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