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H4p Launches “Public Awareness Project

The Here for Perfection (H4P) Organization; a media advocacy NGO based in Ghana has launched an awareness project in Ghana, called the H4P Public Awareness Project.

The H4P Public Awareness Project is a public education program that has been set up, as part of the H4P Organization’s special advocacy for persons with disability, to raise awareness about disability issues among the general public.

“Knowledge is Power” and the wealth of a man’s knowledge determines his opinions and lifestyle. There are several myths and misconceptions about disability in our society and these myths transcend geographical boundaries especially in Africa and persist across generations. They are concealed in our minds, but revealed in our actions as we relate with persons with disability.

Some people perceive disability as a sickness; an infectious disease that can be transmitted through any form of contact. Others believe that, the life of a person with disability is a life of constant misery which solicits sympathy. In general, persons with disability are perceived to be “Less of Humans”, because they are different from persons without disability.

All these myths and misconceptions about disability have the ability to alter and adversely affect the lives of persons with disability as well as family members and care-givers. Most people ostracize and discriminate against persons with disability in the society as a result of these misconceptions.

As an organization that is ardently advocating for the rights of the vulnerable in our society; especially persons with disability, we believe that education is the key to changing negative societal perceptions about disability. We believe that education plays a vital role in shaping the perceptions and opinions of people as it relates to a particular matter.

The H4P Organization also believes that education is an initiator of change which leads to a change in the attitudes of people. It is for this reason that the H4P Organization has initiated the H4P Public Awareness Project.

The H4P Public Awareness Project is aimed at educating the general public on how to deal with situations of disability as well as how to relate with persons with disability. The H4P organization has been embarking on this project by making periodic presentations in companies, social clubs, churches, schools etc. in order to educate people about disability related issues.

Through the H4P Public Awareness Project the H4P Organization also seeks to combat discrimination by changing public perceptions and attitudes towards persons with disability. The H4P organization believes that through this project, we can change society one person at a time.

Companies, social clubs, schools etc., who are interested in becoming beneficiaries of the H4P Public Awareness Project, can send a mail to h4pcrew@gmail.com or easiseh@gmail.com . You can also reach any of the Project Coordinators on 0208934628 or 0203360538.

H4P Public Awareness Project; Changing Society, One Person at a Time!!!


Source: radioxyzonline.com

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