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Haruna Iddrisu: Government Will Shine “Sunshine” On Corruption

Minister for Employment and Labour Relations, Mr Haruna Iddrisu has reiterated government’s quest to fight corruption by forming an alliance with the media and civil society groups.

According to him, the vital role of a critical and independent media and civil society to fighting corruption cannot be underestimated.

He asserted that government recognises the debilitating effect of corruption which has the potential of waning public confidence in the political system hence the introduction of the ‘Sunshine Law’ which he said has already been submitted to parliament.

The sunshine law requires transparency in governance with regard to meetings, records and accessibility to government meetings and programmes.

“President Mahama will continue to shine sunshine on the secrecy of corruption through the Freedom of Information Act, Public Officers’ Accountability Act, and its accompanying legislation in order that he will deepen transparency, accountability in government”, he said.

Speaking on transparency and accountability at the National Democratic Congress (NDC) official manifesto launch at the Sunyani Coronation Park in the Brong Ahafo Region on Saturday, he said there is a dedicated commitment and charter on corruption, white collar criminality, illegal trafficking and money laundering and President Mahama pledges to the people of Ghana that the NDC will continue to make corruption a high-risk activity punishable in accordance with the rule of law.

He continued that investigative and prosecution bodies would also be strengthened to continue fighting corruption.

He added that the “NDC recognises that there are adverse effects on poverty, inequality, economic growth and economic development with corruption. Therefore there is a commitment and President Mahama pledges that every district assembly, municipal and metropolitan will now have a dedicated representative of the Attorney General to help with the prosecution of cases in our quest to fight corruption.”


Source: radioxyzonline.com

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