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Hohoe: Volta group to march against Mahama

A pressure group that calls itself Volta4Change is set to march against President John Dramani Mahama over it claims that violence and corruption are flourishing under the NDC administration.

The march is slated for June 4 at Hohoe in the Volta Region, the NDC’s stronghold.

According to the group, the march is intended to “change the cloud of hopelessness engulfing the country and to preach the message of hope for a better day after John Mahama is kicked out of government”.

A statement issued by the group accused President Mahama of scheming to retain power through foul means.

“Sensing the nationwide unpopularity with their governance, which by all indices has been an absolute failure, John Dramani Mahama has resorted to any means, however despicable, to preserve his scandal-ridden incumbency,” the statement said, adding: “Due to its rapidly dwindling support within Ghana and especially within the Volta Region, John Mahama has sought to co-opt Togolese nationals as part of his constituency base, bussing them into Ghana where necessary, even to the extent of constructing cross-border roads to facilitate this. Is there no limit to John Mahama’s desperation?

“When it comes to morality, it is completely absent from John Mahama’s DNA. He is pathologically immoral, corrupt, and debased.

“The NDC also has no compunction in using the security forces to employ violence in its desperate attempt to keep its grubby hands on power.”

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