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Horizons Offers Serviced Offices To Businesses

A private sector initiative that gives corporate institutions the opportunity to rent fully serviced offices has extended its services to Ghana.

The company subsequently furnished the place after which it is now offering them as office locations to the general public and corporate Ghana in particular for rent.

Horizon’s business model on office rentals differs from the traditional renting model, where empty buildings are normally placed on offer for prospective tenants to furnish themselves.

Mr Kabiru said in an interview in Accra that the company adopted the current model to help give businesses comfort while insulating them from the challenges of rent advance payments.

“Another challenge we help the business to overcome is how long you want the office for.  A lot of commercial buildings will insist that you take the office space for one or two years and pay the advance all at once but in our case, we solve that problem for you,” he said.

He explained that the company’s offering made it possible for prospective tenants to pay three or six month advances.

The company’s services, he said were available for all kind of companies, ranging from small and medium enterprises to large scale corporate institutions.

New concept 

The renting of furnished offices is relatively new in Ghana and Africa as a whole.

In the western world, however, it is fully developed, with many institutions preferring it over the traditional empty office rentals.

Mr Kabiru said his outfit was aiming to instill that culture in the continent to help give businesses a lot of convenience.

“We are trying to get Africa to do businesses with Africans,” he said, citing the networked nature o the office spaces that the company currently offers.

It currently has operations in Kenya and Nigeria, both of which are networked to the Ghana offices on the One Airport Square Project.

On how cost-effective the company’s offering was, Mr Kabiru said many institutions had come to realise that the furnished offices were cost-effective compared to what was being offered under the traditional renting process.

Breakdown Ghana operations

The CEO of Horizon explained that the company had broken the eighth floor of the One Airport Square project into 50 office suites of various sizes, boardrooms and a business lounge, all of which are fully equipped.

The lounge is to help tenants network and share ideas and will soon be opened to corporate executives not residing on the floor, Mr Kabiru said.

Currently, the likes of LG, Soft Tribe and Cummins have secured spaces on the floor, which they are operating from.


Source: radioxyzonline.com

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