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How to escape the hole of office politics to achieve more

It is rough. I know.

Sometimes just the sight of your “tormentors” is enough to draw your anger to the fore. I am aware.

And I also know many people have been compelled to seek another form of powers in their attempt to have the “powers that be” decide in their favor.

If you have to endure several unimaginable things in the name of office politics, know that you are not ALONE.

Office politics is nothing new.

It dates back to the time when man took the decision to fashion a knife out of stones to hunt the other elements in his environment and when he made fire to keep himself warm and to drive away wild beasts.

It is isn’t new and so far as such decisions are still being taken at the corporate level, politics is bound to exist.

Politics, in my opinion, is the art of mediating between two competing interests by favoring one over the other.

Therefore, office politics takes a similar form. It is the art of mediating two competing interests in the office by favoring one over the other.

An instance is when you may be deserving of a promotion, but your boss will decide to pass you by and give it to your junior. Also, you may be the next in line to execute a particular job, but the opportunity will be given to someone below you by the “powers that be.”

And one other form is that your colleagues, especially those of them who have been at the workplace before you joined, could decide to stifle or suppress your ambition because they are convinced if they don’t do that you will snatch their “supposed glory” from them.

So these people will do everything within their might to make you feel inferior in the presence of your colleagues both senior and junior. They will “taunt” you until you resign from the work.

But wait must you resign because of what someone does at the workplace?

And yes, I know how sometimes it could get fierce. A friend was right when he described it as the “messiest form of politics” he’s ever seen among men.

It is nauseating to be a target of hatred at the workplace. People will, always want to, pick on you even when you have committed no error.

But, the bad news is that office politics isn’t going to stop anytime soon. If you are convinced it is not stopping now why don’t you avoid being holed-up by it?

In the next few paragraphs, we will spend our time discussing how you can make the right impact at your workplace without being stifled by office politics. We will consider ways you can up your game at the workplace to improve your career progression.

#1: Focus:

At every juncture in one’s life, you have to decide what you want to spend your precious time on. Let me tell you what is costly in your life – indecision. What grinds a hitherto brilliant career to a halt is indecision. You need to decide whether you want to focus on the reason you are with the company or on the behavior of others.

And I can tell you that if you decide to focus on the latter you won’t go far because you cannot change someone else’s character. No matter how hard you try to reform someone else’s behaviour, it will amount to a fruitless venture.

So then if you are convinced you cannot change anyone’s “ugly” behavior, why not work on your motivation? Concentrate on what you were employed to do and nothing will be enough to stop you.

Remember that in the end when you decide to leave the company, what counts is not how you were hatred but how much you have learned from that company and from your colleagues. This leads us to our second strategy.

#2: Learn everything there’s to know at your workplace:

It may not be much but still learn. It is ugly but there’s something you can learn from such situations.

If at the end, what your next employer will be interested in is how much you know the job you’re applying for and/or how well you are ready to make an impact when given the opportunity, why not learn everything there’s to know at your present “hostile” workplace?

I know out of a bad leader comes a good leader; out of a bad speaker comes an orator. Nobody is asking you to write the rules. It’s been set up centuries ago. There are a lot we learn, especially, when one finds himself in the worst situation.

This, therefore means that however, hostile your present job environment may be, you will learn a lot from it if you actually let yourself.

Every stage of your life is an opportunity to learn. So make use of it. Don’t lose an opportunity to learn. It is what a well-deserving and fulfilled life requires.

#3: Be a team player:

Sometimes the people who are victims of “oppressive” treatments failed to be team players. They are, often, persons who would want to glorify themselves in the presence of their team.

They want everyone else to see them as the “know-all” and the Miss or Mister knowledge bank.

Fact is, it doesn’t work that way if you want to be treated nicely by others. Every good team player knows the boundary. You cannot steal the glory that belongs to the group for yourself. Rational group dynamics should teach you that the individual group members will oppose you at all levels if you are that person who does that.

This explains why, many at times, some people resist joining and/or being added to a group which has some persons in it.

It is so basic and doesn’t require much to conform to the tenets of group dynamics. It could be likened to the air we breathe. No one needs a syringe to draw in air. It is so basic to the nose. The nose does that every millisecond without struggling.

Therefore as a team player, you have to resolve to give whatever glory is due the group to the group members. This is important because the last thing you might want to do, as a team player, is to let the group members feel that their contributions, however, little are not appreciated. This is as worse as the word means in its barest form.

If you do what is needed, nobody will plan “evil” against you. Even those that do will feel sad they did that especially when they are convinced of your innocence.

But know this: even if you are a team player and people still want to harass and pick on you at the workplace, don’t lose hope. Jealously follow the first two strategies as discussed above and you will make your mark.

Know that: things happen. Almost everyday things happen, but what is important is how you react to such things. And your reaction to situations determines whether you will get out of them or not.

The motivational speakers will tell you that out of the mess, God has a message prepared for you.

So, therefore, make the decision. Is either you will allow the clutches of office politics to run you down or you will make the best out of it by focusing on what you want, learning what there’s to know in the office thereby making yourself competitive and garnished by a good team spirit.

Resolve to be ahead of those individuals who are motivated by hatred knowing very well that hate goes nowhere.

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