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How To Get Pregnant With Twins That Are Girls

Pregnancy is a very delicate process and anything that tampers with the reproductive organs can lead to difficulty in consumption and possible infertility. When this is the case, the subject of conceding twin girls becomes a little bizarre for discussion.

Did you know it’s possible for a woman to plan twin girls naturally without any artificial methods? Many believe that it’s possible to have twin girls without the involvement of any genetic factors find out how this is possible.

Ways To Get Pregnant With Twins Girls
There are two challenges to face when trying to conceive twin girls. The first is to conceive twin and the second challenge is to conceive twin girls. Don’t worry these will be taken care of with the right steps.

Genetic Factors
If a woman is genetically predisposed due to hereditary factors, getting twins becomes easy with the right moves. This is when the woman has many twins in her family. In such cases, there is a high probability of conceiving twins naturally. All you need to do is to follow the steps mentioned below so that you can heighten the chances of getting twin girls.

There are many studies that suggest that by consuming yam will increase the chnces of having twins. Yam increases fertility and will improve the ovulation process, which will increase your chances of having twins.

Its best if you consume yam at least three months before you try to conceive. After this time your ovulation cycle will be working perfectly and your body will be physically ready to conceive.

Don’t stop after these three months continue consuming yam until you are pregnant. This process is a matter of luck and never expect it to happen right away and end up in disappointment.

Weight and Age Factor
Women who are overweight will have greater hormone production in the body which will be a plus point if you areplanning for twins. But being overweight during or while planning pregnancy has its disadvantages as well.

Women who have a BMI that is above 30 has more chances of getting twin babies. Age too plays a great role in the conception of twins. Older women have better chances of conceiving twins. That’s why women who are above the age of 40 have a finer chance to conceive twins.

Sperm Characteristics and Ovulation
When you are trying to conceive twin girls make sure to know the characteristics of female sperm. Female sperms are heavier than male sperms, live longer in the body and are slower swimmers.

Male sperm swim faster and will only live in the body for 24 hours; female sperms can live in the body for 72 hours. So your sexual union should be planned 2 to 3 days before your ovulation date. This will allow time for the female sperms to wait for the egg to mature and fertilize. By this time the male sperms will die off and only female sperm will be left.

Acidic Environment
Female sperm live longer in an acidic environment. So by eating acidic food before you ovulation date will increase the chance of having girls and it will lower the mortality of male sperms, which will produce twin girls.

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