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I wanted to be a carpenter – Amissah-Arthur

Vice President Bekoe Amissah-Arthur has revealed that his passion was into carpentry while growing up.

According to the former governor of the Central bank, his colleagues at school, however, dissuaded him from pursuing his dream of becoming a carpenter.

“I remember in school I was very good at carpentry but my friends laughed at me and thought that I should stay a little more choicer with Shakespeare, which I was also good at but I thought I could have done much better with carpentry.”

The Vice President made the disclosure at the launch of the British Council’s Skill Hub and Policy dialogue program.

The program is aimed at dismissing the perception that vocational careers are reserved for the academically weak students. Mr. Amissah-Arthur said the development where people are mocked at if they pick up vocational skill training should be frowned upon since it shatters the dreams and talents of individuals.

The Vice President also bemoaned the situation where masters of vocations maltreat their apprentices at workplaces.

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