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IFEJ Against Choice Of GJA Journalist Of The Year

The Institute of Financial and Economic Journalists (IFEJ) has kicked against the bases used in selecting the GJA Journalist of the Year 2016.

A press statement signed by the President of the group, Mr Lloyd Evans, said: “The institute would like to know from the leadership of the GJA and the 2016 Awards Committee whether Mr Anas won the award in his capacity as a journalist or as an investigator for the Tiger Eye PI.”


“It is a well known fact that Mr Anas is the lead private investigator for Tiger Eye PI. It is not clear if Tiger Eye PI doubles as a media house and is recognised by the National Media Commission (NMC) as such,” it said.

The IFEJ noted that any award that was fraught or laden with controversies compromised the spirit and letter of the award itself.

It, therefore, called on the GJA and the awards committee to come clear on the subject matter, as well as set the records straight.

“If, in the wisdom of the GJA executives and the awards committee, it becomes necessary to take the ultimate winner from outside the entries, it is important that this be made clear before the launch of the awards,” it added.

The group noted that if it was the choice that somebody outside of those who entered the competition should be declared the ultimate winner, the public must be invited to nominate and a reputable audit firm must be engaged to collate the results.

“The IFEJ finds it as a bad precedent to continue in the direction that foments discontent among the public, especially members of the inky fraternity and the award winners themselves,” it further stated.


Source: radioxyzonline.com

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