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IGP Kudalor: Vigilantism reduced under my watch

The Inspector General of Police (IGP), John Kudalor, has said activities of political vigilante groups have decreased since he took office.

The IGP, on several occasions, has warned that the service will clamp down on vigilante groups of political parties in the country, as part of efforts to ensure peaceful elections this year.

The IGP was speaking in the Upper West region as he continued his nationwide tour.

“Since I came into office, you can see that efforts of vigilante groups have gone completely down”, he stated.

“…I think our message has been very clear to the political parties and the youth. We have spoken to the parties, we have also spoken to political party executives and their presidential candidates and their representatives that it is only the police that is supposed to provide security; that is our mandate and we are the only people legalised to do it. Any other person who does it is illegal and unlawful and will be treated as such”, he added.

Meanwhile, the IGP has expressed disappointment with the work that has stalled on the Upper West regional police headquarters.

“I was very disappointed when I came in and found out that it is still at a standstill. Because when I went to the headquarters, I sent messages and I knew that some things were being done until …I came to see and touch. I have not gone there yet, but the reports I am hearing are not encouraging at all….”

Mr Kudalor also discounted assertions that personnel in the region were not being promoted.

“I think it is a perception because promotion in the police service is organised and planned. The scheme is there, everybody knows when he is supposed to be promoted. …Promotion is not done on regional basis…you have to work for your promotion….”

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