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In Ashanti Alone : Electrical Cable Fires Cost GH¢5m In 10yrs

The Ashanti Region has recorded 230 fires from faulty electrical wiring alone in the last 10 years, resulting in property damage worth GH¢5million.Over the same period, over 300victims suffered from various degrees of burns, the Ashanti Regional Public Relations Officer of the Ghana National Fire Service (GNFS), Mr Desmond Ackah, has disclosed.


According to Mr Ackah, other causes of the fires were due to the use of substandard electrical wires and circuits that easily catch fires. Other electricians also fail to put fuses at the appropriate areas that arrest or take the excess power and the resultant fluctuations that might cause fires.

He noted that overloading of electrical gadgets on single plugs was also identified as part of the problem.


The Marketing and Business Development Manager of TCCL, NanaKwame Oteng Gyasi, noted that the seminar was to educate the general public and the practitioners about the correct uses of electrical cables and accessories.

Nana Oteng-Gyasi said the contractors would also be taken through how to identify quality, durable and certified products that would help them undertake quality jobs that would be beneficial to the customers, while saving the country from spending so much in quenching fires and caring for the injured.

He explained that TCCL products were manufactured with the highest international standards suitable for the local environment and that over the ears, both international and local experts had attested to their durability.

He urged the general public to use the services of well trained and certified contractors to undertake their wiring and always insist on inspecting the certification of such contractors before engaging them, saying: “ This is the surest way of averting preventable fires caused by substandard electrical wires and fake electrical contractors.”


Source: radioxyzonline.com

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