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Inflation rate for April is 18.7%

The Ghana Statistical Service has announced that the inflation rate for April is 18.7 per cent, dropping from the 19.2 per cent rate recorded in March.

According to the Deputy Government Statistician, Baah Wadieh, two groups, Food and Non-food Inflation, accounted for the change in rate. The food inflation rate for April was 8.4 per cent, compared with 8.3 per cent recorded in March, whereas the non-food inflation rate for April was 24.8 per cent, compared with 25.7 per cent recorded in March.

Under food inflation, vegetables recorded 11.6 per cent, oil and fats 10.6 per cent, fruits 10 per cent, mineral water and soft drinks 9.6 per cent, meat and meat products 8.5 per cent, coffee, tea, and cocoa 8 per cent, sugar, jam, honey and chocolate 7.8 per cent, fish and sea foods 7.5 per cent, food products 7.4 per cent, milk, cheese and eggs 6.6 per cent, cereals and cereal products 6.3 per cent.

Under the non-food inflation, transport recorded 40.4 per cent, housing, water, electricity, gas and other fuels 35.8 per cent, education 30.9 per cent, recreation and culture 28.1 per cent, clothing and footwear 23 per cent, furnishings, household equipment and routine maintenance 21.5 per cent, alcoholic beverages, tobacco and narcotics 15.5 per cent, miscellaneous goods and services 14.8 per cent, hotels, cafes and restaurants 14.4 per cent, health, 13.7 per cent and communications 12.9 per cent.

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