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Jinapor: GRIDCo not shedding 300MW, no load shedding in place

Deputy Power Minister John Abu Jinapor has allayed fears there is fresh load shedding in parts of the country following recent power cuts.

He said the country was not facing a looming power crisis four months after coming out of a four-year energy situation.

Although there were reports Wednesday May 18 suggesting that state power transmitter GRIDCo was shedding up to about 300MW of power, Mr Jinapor said such reports were false.

Speaking to Class News, Mr Jinapor said an additional 600MW of power is expected to be added to the national grid as part of measures to augment power supply.

“It is too early to draw that conclusion, I think that we are putting in place measures to bring supply to normalcy and in the next coming days, I am sure that it will get clearer. Fortunately, we have been able to bring some plants on, and, so, we are working on the remaining plants, so, we should remain calm and confident that we will be able to improve the situation, and, so, we do not expect to experience the kind of load shedding we experienced in the past,”.

“We might have some challenges going forward because of the reserve margins that we have and that is why this year, we are bringing an additional 600MW to beef up the reserve margin. But while we are adding the reserve margin, we try to stabilise. We have been largely holding for almost five months. Now the system has been fairly stable and we intend to consolidate that and, so, let us remain calm while we will work at it.”

According to him, “It is not true GRIDCo is shedding 300MW. It is not also true that Karpower is under-producing and we are closing the deficits, and, so, today as I speak we have closed the deficit to a considerable level and we hope that in the next coming days, we shall be able to close the gap.”

However, Deputy Ranking Member of the Energy and Mines Committee of parliament Edward Ennin has said the committee will summon the Power Minister before the house to answer questions on the country’s energy situation.

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