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Journalists asked to prioritise own safety

The Media Foundation for West Africa (MFWA) has asked owners of media organisations to treat with the greatest importance the security of their journalists especially in this election year.

The demand comes barely three weeks after some assailants assaulted a presenter with Kumasi-based Fox FM.

in an interview, Executive Director of the Foundation Suleiman Braimah said although government and security agencies hold the primary responsibility of ensuring the safety of journalists, owners of media organisations must show enough commitment to safeguarding the security of media personnel.

“Quite often, we focus on security agencies and so on, but I think that as we go into elections, it is important for the security agencies and the government of the day to comply with mechanisms that are aimed at ensuring the safety of journalists,” he stated.

“But more importantly journalists themselves and media organisations have a big role to play.”

According to him, journalists need attitudinal change to ensure their safety.

“There must be a change of attitude among Ghanaian journalists themselves, which is that they themselves must demonstrate a commitment towards (uniting) with each other in terms of the safety of journalists,” Mr Braimah suggested.

“Until journalists begin to prioritise their own safety and highlight and headline incidents of abuse of journalists, I am sure that we will have a long way to go in protecting and promoting the safety and the right of journalists.”

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