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Judges urged to uphold integrity in election adjudication

A Supreme Court Judge, Justice Paul Baffoe-Bonnie, has underlined the need for judges to uphold integrity and truthfulness in the adjudication of election disputes.

He noted that elections in the country tended to evoke emotions and therefore it was important that they demonstrated absolute impartiality in the discharge of their duties.

They should always be guided by their “Judicial Oath” to work without fear or favour.

Justice Baffoe-Bonnie was speaking at a day’s training workshop for judges and magistrates on Constitutional Instrument (C.I. 91), authorizing the Electoral Commission (EC) to conduct voters’ registration for public elections.

It was held in Kumasi and brought together 93 participants from across the Northern Sector.

The workshop was organized by the Judicial Training Institute and the goal was to assist the judges to efficiently play their role in the election process – the review and determination of appeals in respect of voter registration challenges.

The Supreme Court Judge reminded them to be meticulous in dealing with the political parties and to make sure they exercised their duties without influence.

Again, he said, they should attach urgency to the hearing and determination of election-related cases.

Justice Baffoe-Bonnie also asked that any punishment meted out to the offender must be weighed against the gravity of the offence – it should not be disproportionate.

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