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Juju reigns supreme in Hearts-Kotoko matches

Soccer fans throng to the stadium to watch Hearts Kotoko matches expecting their favorite players to pull a trick to decide the game or coaches of their sides pull a tactical masterstroke to decide the tie in their favor.

However, there seems to be more than what we just see. Previous games have seen the clubs come out for pre-game warm up with white handkerchiefs pouring out a whitish substance or a broom. Yes a broom! To sweep the pitch.



The connotation is that these games are played spiritually before the 22 players kick a ball.

This suspicion has begun to make rounds after Hearts keeper Soulama Abdoulaye mysteriously scored an own goal to gift Kotoko all three points. For many, this is a confirmation of the keeper being manipulated in the spiritual realm after there were calls against the keeper playing.

Media reports suggest the keeper personally called management of the club to inform them of his decision not to play the game for fear of causing Hearts’ downfall. All attempts proved futile and the rest is history.

Aziz Haruna Futah is a former management member of Hearts and he explains these ties are beyond the naked eyes.

“Since Shamo Quaye’s era that is what we have been using as a club and anytime Kotoko matches pop up, the management and the supporters will come together and do everything to make sure that we win that match because playing Kotoko is always about juju,”

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“Before the match I called Alhaji Akanbi and asked him what they are doing to ensure they win against Kotoko but he said this management does not believe in juju but I told him juju is the key to Kotoko and Hearts games.”

“The supporters had it correct when they voiced out that Soulama should not be in the post because Kotoko knew that day does not favor Soulama and true to that word, they carried the day by taking advantage of that.”

“In the Confederation Cup final against Kotoko in Kumasi, we went for a consultation and we were told that there is only one goal in the match but they will divide the game into two so the score line can be one all draw but Hearts of Oak will win the match on penalties.”

“But to ensure this, we had to perform certain rituals.”

“We had to go open a freshly buried person’s mouth and put some concussion in the corpse mouth and we did that in Kumasi and we won and that has been our tradition as a club.”

“Kotoko also went for consultation and they were told if a fair person leads Hearts out, they will lose.”

“So we acted on this, and immediately asked Harry Zakkour who was sitting at home to fly to Kumasi and lead Hearts out.”

You be the judge. Does Hearts Kotoko games involve more than what we just see?

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