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Karbo; NPP Fed Dumelo

The opposition New Patriotic Party(NPP) has slammed Ghanaian movie actor, John Dumelo for working against the Dankwa-Busia-Dombo tradition which claimed to have taken care of him[Dumelo] years back.

The NPP has warned the movie actor to refrain from vicious attacks and propaganda set to destroy it and give the opposition party a bad name ahead of the general polls.

The Deputy Communications Director of the NPP, Anthony Karbo in an interview said Dumelo should be advised that he cannot ride on the back of the NPP to bring himself to the limelight in the political realm.

“If Mr. Dumelo is interested in getting into the dirty gutter and unguarded politics of attack, he should know that this is the very party that took care of him sometime ago, when he was a student at KNUST, the party was there for him,” he cautioned in an interview.

The actor, launched a scathing attack on the opposition NPP calling it a stock of violent people, a comment that the party has taken offence with.

Commenting on the claims by the Ghanaian actor, Karbo said he was stunned to learn that the Ghana Education Service(GES) will look on for the actor to carry out such ‘dirty politics’ in the various schools he’s been to.

“What morals will a person like John Dumelo be teaching young people, what has he achieved,? We want John Dumelo and the GES to understand that this illegality that is being perpetrated; that he’ll be going round these schools where political activities are not allowed. We know that in the second cycle schools politics is not accepted so why do you allow him to campaign for Mahama?

“And all those headmasters who give him the opportunity to come to their schools under the cover of a peace ambassador meanwhile he’s there to campaign for John Mahama, we are watching them.”

Source: radioxyzonline.com/ files from kasapa

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