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Kofi Annan : Elections 2016: Don’t Sell Your Votes

Celebrated diplomat Kofi Annan has advised Ghanaian electorate to use their thumbs to direct the future of Ghana come the 2016 elections, instead of allowing politicians to manipulate their thoughts with money.

The former UN Secretary General admitted majority of the voters are poor and as a result of their pecuniary difficulties, it becomes easier to buy their conscience with money. However, he stressed that since elections are crucial in deciding the future of the country, citizens must vote based on issues.

“Don’t allow your votes to be bought,” Mr. Annan said at the 2016 Kronti Ne Akwamu Lectures in Accra.

According to him, the fight against vote-buying “is difficult when you are poor” but emphasised that it is the surest means to “end corruption and the use of money in politics.”

Mr. Annan used the platform to counsel the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) and other African leaders to stay within the national budget since “the tendency to overspend during election year” is generally high everywhere.

“If you win there is no problem but if you don’t win you leave a problem for your successor. I pray we don’t do that. It should not be encouraged,” Mr. Annan noted.

Source: radioxyzonline.com

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