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Koku to Terkper: Watch your mouth; you won’t take NDC to opposition

A deputy general secretary of the ruling National Democratic Congress Koku Anyidoho has warned finance minister Seth Terkper to be mindful of comments or risk the wrath of the party.

The caution comes after the finance minister suggested that government is considering introducing taxes on allowances and pensions.

“Yes, allowances must be taxed. They are income.

“It’s a thorny one because you are exiting. But remember that as you make your social security contributions, they are exempt from tax even though it is part of your income,” he stated at a business summit in Accra.

The comments of Mr. Terkper have generated massive public interest with many radio stations discussing it.

President John Mahama on Wednesday waded into the issue by tweeting that his government has no intentions of introducing new taxes.

Commenting on the matter, Mr Anyidoho told Accra-based Montie FM that the NDC will not sit aloof and watch the finance minister send them into opposition in the upcoming polls.

“The NDC party we are tired, we will not sit down again… No individual minister will walk us into opposition. No individual minister will walk us into opposition, it will not happen, it cannot happen.

“Go to your business forum, go and make your submissions as a tax expert and receive applause. Never, never, never hang it on the neck of the party. Seth Terkper, please watch your language…The NDC does not belong to you, it does not belong to me, it belongs to the grassroots. Seth Terkper; do not incur the wrath of the party,” he warned.

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