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Kosmos Energy launches programme to boost Agric sector

There is good news for budding entrepreneurs who intend using information and communications technology to transform agriculture.

Kosmos Energy is providing capital and technical assistance for selected entrepreneurs to go into agriculture under its newly launched corporate social investment program.

Dubbed Kosmos Innovation Centre (KIC), the program would use innovation and apply commercial solutions to the country’s existing social and economic challenges by using a market-based approach that facilitates private sector enterprise and entrepreneurship.

Speaking at the launch, Joe Mensah, Vice President and Country Manager, Kosmos Energy, said the initiative was a different approach to corporate social responsibility.

He said KIC will use a three-part approach namely collaboration, incubation, and acceleration to get results that drive change. Mr Mensah said the initiative would through a coordinated programme affect each sector of the country’s economy.

“It will involve designing activities that target the entire value chain, from stimulating new ideas to funding expansion of existing commercial enterprises, and at every stage it will generate enthusiastic participation through communication and knowledge sharing,” he said.

Mr Mensah said KIC’s vision would be to bring about social change by stimulating young people’s interest in agriculture which is often regarded as a dull and unrewarding activity.

Alhaji Mohammed Muniru Limuna, Minister of Agriculture, who launched the KIC, said there was the need for the youth to consider agriculture as a serious business and take keen interest in it, adding that government had in place policies to attract the youth into the agricultural sector.

“Government supports this kind of programme which we believe will bring a positive turnaround for entrepreneurs and also have a socio-economic impact on the people and the economy,” he said.

Kosmos Energy is running the project in partnership with DAI and Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology (MEST).

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