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Kweku Baako – Criticizes T.B. Joshua over Prophesying Terrorist Attack

Editor-in-chief of the Crusading Guide newspaper, Kweku Baako, has said the manner in which T.B. Joshua communicated a prophecy of an impending terror attack on Ghana and Nigeria, is reckless.According to him,he believes that if indeed there is going to be an attack, the Prophet could have adopted a more meticulous way of putting out the information.

Speaking in an interview, the veteran journalist, said, the way and manner in which this matter has been communicated is so irresponsible.”The renowned prophet on Sunday asked his congregation to pray for Ghana and Nigeria to forestall an imminent attack on both countries. The Nigerian Prophet was emphatic in prophesying that, “I see Thursday, Friday and Saturday Pray for these two nations – Nigeria and Ghana – over gathering in any way; over an attack. I am seeing the attack and that will be in a foreign way.

The attack will come not in a local way. So please open your lips and pray for these two nations for protection.”Criticisms, after he put out the prophecy, have been swift. The Christian Council, for instance, has called on security agencies to ignore the prophecy and not run the country on “the back of prophecies.”Kweku Baako said although he has no intention of demeaning the Prophet, he believes that the prophecy only seeks to create fear and panic.

He called on pastors to exercise a lot of modesty when putting out such information because although they might have good intentions, the manner in which it is done may cause problems.Meanwhile, the Ghana Police Service in a statement Monday assured the public that a joint security force has put in place adequate measures to forestall any terrorist attacks.

It added “All the requisite operational strategies, including intelligence gathering and tactical deployment of personnel, have been unfolded to nip any breach of the peace in the bud.” “In view of this, the Police is seeking the co-operation of the general public in the fight against the scourge of terrorism and other violent crimes. The public is, therefore, implored to bear with the Police any inconveniences efforts to deal with the situation may cause,” the statement further said.

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