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Laugh After The Tension

Esi 22It is a political season and tension is building. While people call for peace during and after the election, Peter Sedufia, The Director And Producer of ‘Master And Three Maids’, a situational comedy, has found the solution to the tension. Speaking to XYZ Entertainment News, he stated that, his three maids will thrill the audience with their mischievous ways against their Master.

According to him “The Sitcom, is about a stingy master who has the interest of sacking his employees, before the time is due for some payments to be made. The maids developed a resistance by playing smart.” The comedy series, is centered around these maids and their master’s mischief.  It will put smiles on the faces, of its audience.

After a hard day’s work, ‘The Sitcom’ hopes to de-stress the family. It hopes to lighten the tension, among family members as the election season comes with conflicts and misunderstandings. So the ‘Sitcom’, can give the family something common to relate to and laugh about.

‘Master And Three Maids’, is targeted at anyone, who wishes to have a good laugh. It relates to the everyday lives of Ghanaians. “Comedy is universal, comedy has no target audience, and everyone wants to be happy.”

The prime time program, hopes to serve Ghanaians with good laughter for the next 13 weeks. The first episode of ‘Master And Three Maids’ will be aired on Wednesday, September 7, at 8:30pm on Viasat 1.


Source: radioxyzonline.com/Daavi Esi

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