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Lawyer Kwame Etuahene : Be Careful On The Roads And Respect The Traffic Road Regulations

Road safety in Ghana is a major challenge that needs immediate attention. Today on Teens’ Hour, this pressing issue was discussed as to how it affects teenagers. According to Lawyer Kwame Etuahene, Communications Director of the Road Safety Commission, he said road traffic regulations are the basic rules that govern road users on the road. He continued to say these rules when flaunted have punishments issued to culprits.

Admitting that the roads in the country are not safe for children, he said education is being put in place to rectify the issue. “On a regular basis there’s a program to reach out to kid because they are vulnerable. They don’t quite appreciate the things that are inherent with the use of the road.” he said. Advising pedestrians especially children he said “they should walk facing oncoming vehicles and walk on the pedestrian walkway.”  This he believes will reduce road accidents since ´every year we record about 1800 deaths, 38 percent are pedestrians and 24percent are children” he added.

Lawlessness on the roads in the country is becoming rampant as vehicle drivers misconduct themselves on the roads without any fear. Speaking with Grace and Mahalia on Teens’ Hour, Lawyer Kwame said there is lawlessness “is a question of indiscipline. Many people know what they ought not to do to be involved in accidents.”  Pedestrians are also seen misusing the roads in cases where they chat, play and as seen of late pressing their phones without looking on.

Quite recently, it will be noticed that the emergence of motorcyclist and their flaunting of road traffic rules is on the rise. The lack of obedience of the basic of rules i.e. the traffic light and the Zebra lines. Recounting their experiences were certain teenagers who admitted to having the phobia for crossing roads, especially, busy roads to Grace and Mahalia on the Teens’ Hour. The fears of losing their lives as some were fortunate the first time they had accidents. Advising on how to use the zebra crossing Lawyer Kwame said “when you step your foot on the white lane it’s important to establish an eye contact with the driver before you use it”

The use of abusive language on the roads is also a cause to worry. Driver’s especially commercial drivers popularly known as ‘trotro drivers’ are seen to just insult indiscriminately on our roads, on daily basis. Many road users fall culprit to not knowing the road signs and their meanings. According to Lawyer Kwame, this is also a cause of indiscipline on our roads. The lack of knowledge does not prompt offenders of the rules they are flaunting.

Road accidents are gradually becoming a major cause of death in the county. According to the WHO data published in may 2014 Road Traffic Accidents Deaths in Ghana reached 5,540 or 2.96% of total deaths. The age adjusted Death Rate is 24.60 per 100,000 of population ranks Ghana  number 38 in the world. How safe can the road be for users? THESE ACCIDENTS go a long way to affect not only the families involved but the nation as a whole. Ghana has lost many great personalities to road accidents either by their doing or the doing of other uses.

Lawyer Kwame advised road users especially drivers to be careful on the roads and to respect the traffic road regulations to make the road safe for all users. Pedestrians were also urged to be careful in the way they use the roads.


Source: radioxyzonline.com/Daavi Esi

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