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Mahama blames ‘printer’s devil’ for error-ridden brochures

President John Dramani Mahama has blamed what he calls the “printer’s devil” for the error-ridden brochures that were distributed at Ghana’s 59th Independence Day Parade at the Black Star Square.

According to him, the errors were avoidable adding that the Chief of Staff is putting measures in place to forestall such mistakes in the future.

Government has been ridiculed for distributing over 3,000 brochures at the parade on 6th March 2016, which captured the name of the guest of honour, President of Kenya, Uhuru Kenyatta as the President of Ghana.

There were other grammatical and typographical errors in the brochure.

Meanwhile, the acting Director of the Information Service Department, Francis Kwarteng Arthur, was subsequently relieved of his post after he accepted responsibility for the errors.

Speaking on Accra based TV station, TV3 on Monday; President Mahama said the errors were unfortunate.

“We actually went through the brochure and he [Uhuru Kenyatta] didn’t show that he noticed that he was described as the President of Ghana, but I’m sure in communication you people call it the printer’s devil. It’s unfortunate and I think those mistakes are avoidable. The Chief of Staff is working on it to make sure that, it doesn’t happen again. It was a beautiful celebration I don’t think it should have been marred by something as simple as the printer’s devil in a brochure,” he added.

Regardless of the brochure errors, the President said the anniversary parade was well organised.

“The anniversary was very well organized. I want to commend the national planning committee for choreographing the event very well. I’m sure that Ghanaians watched it live and everybody was proud of what they saw. Indeed I got a call from the President Kenyatta after he got back home and he expressed how much he enjoyed the parade. He particularly liked the Gold Coast Police,” President Mahama added.

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