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Mahama : Manifesto Feud I Didn’t Steal NPP Ideas

President John Mahama has dismissed claims by the New Patriotic Party (NPP) that the governing National Democratic Congress (NDC) manifesto highlights are riddled with stolen ideas from the campaign promises of Nana Akufo-Addo.

President Mahama’s denial comes barely 24 hours after the NPP accused him of stealing ideas from them.

The Director of Communication of the NPP, Nana Akoema at a press conference Wednesday said he “steals our policies and cannot implement them. They even stole the title of our manifesto. So they have no deep attachment to the principles necessary to drive the promises they give. To them, politics is all about ways and means. Nothing to do with actually making lives better.”

“You can see now, what they [NDC] call the highlights of their manifesto was just a photocopy of what the New Patriotic Party has been saying and it is amazing that we still have these people talking to the people of this country,” John Boadu, the acting General Secretary of the NPP added.

The claims by the NPP, Mahama, said while addressing chiefs and members of the Ga Traditional Council are unfounded as he was directly involved in the writing of the manifesto.

“I was directly involved in writing the manifesto for the NDC and so I know everything that is in that manifesto because I participated. People did not just write it and bring it to me; I participated in writing that manifesto,” he said.

He continued: “So, when somebody says we have plagiarised their manifesto, I don’t think he understands plagiarism. Plagiarism is if you steal from a known document and put in another document. But there is no document known as NPP manifesto that we know about so how can we have plagiarised from a document that does not exist? If that document exists, produce it today.”

He said if anyone is to be guilty of stealing ideas, the NPP will be culpable because they will be launching theirs October 18.

“That gives them enough time to copy as many things in our manifesto as possible. And so they are free, the ideas are there, we have the ideas, we’ve been governing this country, and we are running the programmes.

“We know where we’ve come from; we know where we are going. And so we have the ideas to make this country better and we will continue to do the work to move this country to a new pedestal and I’m certain we will win this election and that by 2021 when I leave office, we would have made Ghana one of the model countries in West Africa and Ghana will be the envy of our sub-region” said President Mahama.

Source: radioxyzonline.com

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