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Mahama: People blame me for marital problems

President John Mahama has claimed that Ghanaians pour their marital frustrations on him as part of the blossoming freedom of speech in the country.

According to the President, the open and transparent approach his government has adopted in the fight against corruption has exposed the government to undue attacks from Ghanaians.

Addressing some Ghanaians resident in the UK in his recent visit there, Mr. Mahama said some Ghanaians are fond of accusing government officials of corruption without basis.

“…Perception can be heightened because it is being discussed long in the media. And When you have a country like Ghana where everybody is free to discuss corruption, if you wake up and you are angry with your husband or wife you take it out on the President, abuse him on the radio, when you have that kind of society, there are all kinds of issues that come up,” he stated.

He added: “And then we have the addition of social media, because of the anonymity, people just fix some blatant lies and put it on WhatsApp. And sometimes they are so creative and I said these people the way they are creative if they channel this creativity into lucrative things, Ghana would not be where it is. They would create something about you and if it is not because I am myself and I know that it is not true anybody who sees it would believe it.

“We have all that floating in the system and all that so it heightens people’s perception about corruption. And so it is easy to say that there is more corruption in this regime than in that regime, where would comparison of between corruptions take us, it won’t take us anywhere.”

Government’s fight against corruption has been dealt a heavy blow following scandalous revelations in the bus rebranding contract between the Transport ministry and Smartty’s.

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