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Mahama preaches unity in Africa

Africa will need to unite in a common prayer for a more open and inclusive continent, where everyone would live a dignified and meaningful life, John Dramani Mahama, Ghana’s President has said.

According to him, although things are far from perfect on the African continent especially when it comes to sustainable solutions for the youth, the voices of African leaders and Africans in general are now stronger and more respected in the world.

In view of this, he said “We no longer need sympathy – we need fair partnerships and opportunities.”

He urged all Africans: “Let us all unite in our common prayer for a more open and inclusive Africa, where everyone would live a dignified and meaningful life.”

Adding: “Let us all continue on this path of transformation. Let us all keep working hard for a better future for our generation and the generations yet to come.”

The president in a statement on the African Union (AU) Day commemorated on Wednesday May 25 noted that “over the last decade, African countries, like our beloved Ghana, have been working to improve further our democratic credentials and economic prospects.

“I am happy that Ghana continues to lead this effort and is impacting our sub-region and the continent. This in itself is ensuring a powerful and positive impact on the wellbeing of millions and millions of people,” he said.

Further stressing that “Africa is rising, there is no question about that. We are rising from violence and dictatorship to peace and democracy; we are transforming our economies from those based on the export of raw materials to modern ones, able to produce value added goods and services; we are rising from misery and absolute poverty to a place of hope and improved standards of living. The African middle class is the fastest growing middle class in the world today.”

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