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Mahama: Public works alone created 400k jobs

President John Mahama has said about 400,000 jobs were created by his government through public works between 2012 and now.

In an interview with Sunrise FM in the Eastern Region, the President said: “So far, we estimate that if you take public works and the construction sector, and the work we are doing in roads, schools and hospitals and things, we believe that over the last three years, we’ve created 400,000 new jobs. And so job creation is taking place”.

According to him, when construction is taking place, it creates jobs, and when construction is completed, “permanent sustainable jobs are created.”

Mr Mahama also said several jobs have been created while thousands more are being created through a lot of projects:

Kumasi Shoe Factory – 200 jobs create

Savannah Cement Factory at Buipe – 3,000 jobs created

Ghana National Gas COmpnay – 265 jobs created

Youth in Agriculture Programme – 23,000 jobs created

Graduate Business Support Scheme – 2,000 jobs created

National Vocational Training Institute and Community Centre for Employable Skills – 21,802 jobs created

Rural Enterprise Project – 21,000 jobs created

NBSSI – 2,000 jobs created

Komenda Sugar Factor to create 7,300 jobs

New Fish Processing Plant at Elmina to create 2,500 jobs

Business Processing Outsourcing Centre near Kwame Nkrumah Interchange to create 10,000 jobs

Takoradi Harbour Expansion is creating 3,000 jobs

Tema Harbour Expansion to create 4,000 jobs

Youth Employment Agency to create 100,000 jobs

Public works (road constructions) creating many more jobs

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