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Mahama serial killer of dreams – Groups

Two pressure groups, Ghanaians Abroad against Corruption (GHACO) and the Coalition of Ghanaians against Electoral Fraud (COGEF), have launched an attack on President John Dramani Mahama, describing him as a serial killer of dreams, hopes, and aspirations of Ghanaian youths.

They have also accused the president of having a bad human rights record.

According to the pressure groups, President Mahama has perpetuated a system of rampant corruption never seen in modern day politics, from supporting individuals and cronies like Alfred Agbesi Woyome to defraud the state of 51 million Ghana cedis and using cronies at the Attorney General’s office to frustrate the courts from retrieving the monies, in addition to aiding close confidante Selassie Ibrahim to siphon and spend over 90 million dollars of state funds on branding buses with his pictures, instead of using the money to provide clean water for children.

They also accused the president of diverting gold bars to Iran, using a private company to print Independence Day brochures, which caused huge embarrassment to the nation, paying over 4.5million dollars to footballers at the 2014 World Cup, spending over $4 million in expenses at the Presidency, using $28,000 of public money to go on holiday in South Africa with his wife, as captured in the Auditor General’s report.

President Mahama is among world leaders who have been invited by British Prime Minister David Cameron to attend an anti-corruption summit being organised by the UK Government. The summit is expected to develop a road map in the fight against corruption, electoral fraud, and abuse of incumbency around the world.

But the two groups think Mr Mahama is unfit to take part in the summit given what they describe as his poor leadership of the country.

A statement jointly released by the groups and copied to Classfmonline.com said: “President Mahama has used his tenure of office to destroy Ghana’s economy. Ghana’s economy, once the bright star of Africa, has been reduced to a state of hopelessness, darkness, joblessness, prostitution, armed robbery, insecurity, and despair.”

They are, therefore, appealing to the UK government to rescind its decision to include Ghana’s president in the planned summit.

“We make a humble appeal to the British government not to be an agent for the perpetuation of corruption and human rights abuses in Ghana,” they said.

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