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Chalkboards are propped against trees & desks lined up in rows in Adaklu Hli Have's makeshift classrooms.

Make Education In Bakpa Communities Attractive Before You Call For Votes

A Group of concerned students in Bakpa, in the Kadjebi District of the Volta Region, have registered their displeasure at the state of education in and around Bakpa Communities.

According to a press statement jointly signed and issued by the Secretary and the PRO of the Bakpa Students Association (BASA), the current state of education in that part of the country is not worth writing home about. They listed the unavailability of a well stocked library, to aid the children in reading, and subsequent assimilation of knowledge.

Excerpts of the press release read: “You will be surprised that out of one hundred students, only 15 can identify a computer mouse. Pupils study ICT at school without a single computer, we find this disturbing since the world is fast moving with ICT. We strongly feel governments upon governments have failed the Bakpa communities.”

The group is therefore calling on Government to quickly make education very attractive in the Bakpa communities by supplying schools with library books, computers, and other learning materials. This they believe this will promote quality education and reduce the one way tuition method, in their schools.

Source: radioxyzonline.com/ Joshua Kodjo Mensah

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