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Man Arrested For Attempting To Snatch Taxi

Luck eluded a 35-year-old driver who twisted the neck of a taxi driver in an attempt to snatched taxi at Obeyeyie Boosu, near Amasaman, when Good Samaritans went to the rescue of the victim.

When contacted, the Amasaman District Police Commander, Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) Mr Elvis Bawa Sadongo, confirmed that the incident happened on September 20,2016.

On that day, Soku stopped the driver of a Daewo Matiz taxi, with registration numberGS5753-14, and hired his services at Obeyeyie. According to Mr Sadongo, Soku asked the victim to take him to a place near Obeyeyie Boosu to take his sick sister to hospital. Soku is said to have sat in the passenger seat at the front and started making calls.


At a point, Soku is said to have asked the driver of the taxi to pick a man he claimed was his (Soku’s) sister’s husband, after which they continued to an isolated area. Sensing danger, the driver is said to have told Soku and his friend to get down from his car since the road was bad.

Mr Sadongo said Soku’s accomplice was the first to get down, as he asked the driver to wait for him in the car while he went to the house to bring the sick woman. A few minutes later, Soku allegedly attacked the taxi driver and ordered him to surrender the car.

When the driver resisted, Soku allegedly twisted his neck to force him to release the car, an action which compelled the victim to shout for help. Following the cry for help, some passers-by and residents of the area went to the driver’s rescue. The Good Samaritans arrested Soku before he could escape and took him to the Amasaman Police Station.

At the police station, Sokuis said to have admitted his offence and stated that he had conspired with a man he identified only as Ismaila to pose as his sick sister’s husband to snatch the taxi from the driver.


Source: radioxyzonline.com

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