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MiDA: ECG Concession No Staff Layoffs For 5yrs

Workers of the Electricity of Ghana will have an automatic job security for five years even after the concession move by government has taken place, the Millennium Development Authority has assured.

Workers of the struggling power distributor have raised concerns and agitated over possible layoffs as government prepares to handover the management of the company to a private investor.

They have argued for the government to instead redeem its indebtedness to the company, a move they believe will make the company solvent and competitive.

But the government has insisted giving out the company on concession terms is the best way to make it more functional and productive.

Addressing staff concerns about possible job cuts, the director of communications at MiDA Pamela Djamson Tettey told state broadcaster GBC that the workers are safe under the planned arrangement.

“Government has gone to a great length to ensure the workers of ECG would not be disenfranchised in this. In fact, for five years, the proposed concessionaire will not be able to layoff any worker of the ECG,” she noted.

She added: “So they have security for five years and even after the five years you and I know that in Ghana we have labour laws that apply and that no employer can just simply ask a worker to leave.

“…It’s not an Adhoc decision and therefore Ghanaians should embrace it for the good of Ghana so that the small businesses like the saloons, the schools and hospitals would at least have the comfort to know that Ghana’s power sector is being transformed for the better and that “dumsor” will not visit us again…We are resolving it once and for all”.


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