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Mrs.Joyce Afutsu: NCCE Educates Ghanaians On Elections

The National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE) educates Ghanaians on their civic rights and responsibilities. Prior to the upcoming-elections, the NCCE had put in place some activities. This is to educate Ghanaians on their rights and responsibilities, and on what to do before, during and after elections. The Director of Communications and Corporate Affairs, Mrs. Joyce Afutsu, speaking on The Breakfast Show, with Kwaku Vander-Pallen, on Radio XYZ, yesterday, said, generally, the NCCE is educating the public, on the need for tolerance, so they can tolerate divergent views.

Mrs. Afutsu said, The Commission, has just ended their Political Party Youth Activists Engagement. They selected some Districts, engaged the political parties and educated them, on the need to ensure peace during the elections. The youth are the channels used for chaos, so The Commission organized this engagement, to educate them, on their right and responsibilities during the  elections. There is The Inter-party Dialogue Committee in every District . This comprises representatives from The Political Parties, The Media And The Clergy. They monitor political behavior, with the electorate and the key stakeholders.

She further stated that, citizens have a key role to play in ensuring peace, in the Country. She also noted that, The Constitution, has given every citizen the right to govern themselves. They choose either The Parliamentarians or The President to represent their interests. She urged Ghanaians, to remain peaceful and respect each other’s decision, on elections. As much as they have the freedom to govern themselves,it doesn’t mean they should fight about their diversities.

Mrs. Afutsu also said, The Electoral Commission And The National Peace Council, have collaborated with the commission to train their staff on the electoral process. She said the presidential debate is a form of civic education, to educate the electorate on their rights and responsibilities as individuals. Some stakeholders didn’t really understand the need for the debate, hereby raising arguments as to whether if it favorable for them. This year’s debate is to invite the aspiring Candidates themselves, to interact with them, so as to have a peaceful election.


Source: radioxyzonline.com/Abigail Dami Narh

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