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Murder In The Name Of Love

Love they say does not hold a grudge, it forgives and does not keep record of the past. For this reason, many people do all kinds of things with the intention of keeping the flame of love continually burning.

Unfortunately, some in their quest in making sure their expectations are met, veered into spiritualism thus making them completely get lost in love and forget that in reality things are not how they wished for.

A little conflict and the end result is so devastating and throwing them completely out of balance. Those who cannot stand the disappoint take consolation in either committing suicide or murder.

Some even wipe out the entire family in settling their scores. Lecturer at the Psychology Department at The University of Ghana, Dr Joseph Osafo said the reasons are psychosocial: psychological and social factors which include sexual jealousy, infidelity and the belief that one has invested so much in the relationship for him or her to be abandoned.

He did not rule out people with criminal tendencies and those who may suffer mental disorders whose might not have clear reason for committing the act.  Dr Joseph Osafo advised partners who suffer abuses in their relationship to seek professional advice early to find a permanent solution to their problems.

He decried how many have stigmatized mentally distress people and referred to them as madness. He said “neighbours must take keen interest in what happen around them and make sure they report abusive relationship to the appropriate authorities”.

Dr Osafo has this advice for the young ones who want to engage in amorous relationship, “If you think you are matured to want to engage in amorous relationships talk to the experts so that you know the pros and cons before you engage in it.”

He said parents should not think that their teenage boys and girls are naïve when it comes to sexual matters. He appealed to them to take keen interest in their development and offer them the needed guidance.


Source: radioxyzonline.com/Philip Selorm Kukubor.


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