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My Manifesto: Putting People First

In the course of our daily routine, we often get caught up in details that ceaselessly ask for our attention. We forget the big picture; we forget to ask ourselves the questions that really matter.

For each and every one of us, as Ghanaians, the most fundamental question is, “What is Ghana?” because the answer to this question determines who we are and where we want to go.

We know the answer: Ghana is one of the foremost democracies in Africa and a leader in the liberation struggle. Ghana is a founder of pan-Africanism. Ghana was the harbour for all those who fled from oppression.

But what does all this mean? Well, for every generation and for every Ghanaian this probably means something different. For me, it means that Ghana has to become the most important democracy in Africa because democracy means putting people first. All the people. All the time. Democracy always brings wealth. Always.

Democracy is about being free from oppression and having a voice. It means that more and more people are included in the national dialogue, so that everyone’s chances of a better life improve dramatically.

By becoming the most important African democracy, I believe we’ll truly honour our independence, we’ll truly promote pan-Africanism, and we’ll truly continue to be the harbour for all those who flee from oppression.

This is my ideal, as a Ghanaian and as President of Ghana. This is where I think we should go as a nation. Now you know my vision. You know my plan. You know why I’m asking you for another mandate.

Will we get there during my lifetime? I am very confident that we will. Will we get there during my Presidency? Yes. During the next four years we will definitely get there. How do we know this? Everything I’ve done so far and everything I’m prepared to do from now on is only a means to this end. Because I know that when eventually we become the Number One democracy in Africa, all our lives will be vastly improved.

Democracy means not only political empowerment, but also economic and social empowerment. It means more access to education and healthcare because you have a say about it. It also means helping the vulnerable, because they also have a say about it.

In terms of governmental policies regarding our social infrastructure and related to my vision, please read the NDC Manifesto, which I fully endorse and support. This is where you’ll find the technical and practical measures that we need to take in the next four years in order to become the most democratic country in Africa.


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